About Us

Project Innovations provides innovative solutions to complex human problems. With more than 25 years of experience and a clientele that spans multiple industries, Project Innovations continues to break through the limitations of traditional business practices. Our mission is to assist business and government leaders as they navigate through uncertainty and make tough decisions. Whether it is a seasoned corporation, a budding entrepreneur, or a local city government, visionary founder Charles Fleetham has developed unique tools, such as our flagship method Unrational Leadership™.

The Five Principles of Unrational Leadership™

1. Start all problem-solving by taking personal responsibility.
2. Aim at increasing energy, not just efficiency.
3. Confront and partner with the unconscious.
4. Creativity drives change.
5. Look two generations behind and two generations ahead.

Project Innovations continues to partner with satisfied clients, providing a return on investment even as the economic and organizational landscape evolves. Join the growing list of organizations utilizing our diverse experience for their success and growth. This list of satisfied past and present clients shows our ability to work with diverse clients:


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