What We Do

Strategic Planning

We guide organizations and communities to create strategic plans that they can use, refine, and build on for a sustainable future. Our proprietary method, Unrational LeadershipTM, draws people into the planning process and helps them overcome resistance to change.

Conflict Resolution

Project Innovations engages at all levels within an organization to help identify the problems and behaviors that lead to conflict, and ultimately, wasted efforts, missed opportunities, and poor business practices.

Organizational Development and Teambuilding

Project Innovations has a proven track record for helping organizations build effective and highly energized teams. In the life cycle of an organization there are multiple intersections where team building is a critical success factor.

Leadership Development

Charles Fleetham has crafted a unique approach to help leaders solve complex problems. Traditional approaches don’t always work. Leaders need something more. That ‘more’ involves Leaving Comfortopia and tapping hidden strengths, and Fleetham’s book, “The Search for Unrational Leadership”, provides the answers.

Public Engagement

Project Innovations’ philosophy regarding public engagement is to emotionally and physically engage the public early and often. Successful public engagement builds trust on two levels: 1) trust in the project team’s competence and 2) the project team’s willingness to truly listen to the stakeholders.