Conflict Resolution

Project Innovations engages at all levels within an organization to help identify the problems and behaviors that lead to conflict, and ultimately, wasted efforts, missed opportunities, and poor business practices. Major conflicts are often fueled by a history of mistrust and a belief that one side has been favored over the other. These conflicts often resist the test of time and are not easily resolved by those immersed in the depths of the disagreement. Our method engages the stakeholders in a neutral, systemic process addressing the critical tasks necessary to resolve the conflict by:

  • “Lifting the curtain off” what is fueling the core conflict and honoring it.
  • Assisting leaders in understanding the core issues of the conflict.
  • Encouraging leaders to initiate lasting change that helps strengthen relationships and build trust.
  • Helping the whole team understand and accept their roles in the conflict.
  • Working with the team to commit to mutual and respectful solutions.
  • Guiding the organization through the transition that resolves the conflict.

Our tested conflict resolution methods will help your organization increase productivity by reducing: performance problems tied to strained relationships, departures due to unresolved conflicts, and the valuable time your managers spend dealing with conflicts and litigation.

See the DWSD project description for our groundbreaking work to end the 40 year Water War between the Detroit Water and Sewer Department and its wholesale wastewater and water customers.