Leadership Development

Our world is constantly breaking apart and coming back together. Some leaders see it … others don’t. Some leaders embrace it … others don’t. To us, we are in a time of titanic change. In metaphors … Rome is getting sacked … Copernicus has discovered that the earth is not the center of the universe … and the Berlin Wall has fallen and these things are happening before our very own eyes as we bear witness to the birth of the New Normal. As Bill Murray, our favorite Ghostbuster, says: “Things are getting crazy out there!”

You may believe that this craziness stems from our inability to think clearly, to organize correctly, to do things efficiently, but we at Project Innovations, think the opposite – that these things are occurring because we focus too much on traditional thinking, to the point where we delude ourselves into thinking we can control the uncontrollable – our hearts, our imagination, and our unconscious. Through the years at Project Innovations, we have personally experienced the NASDAQ meltdown, the retreat of manufacturing, and the loss of business caused by political change. We have also been rocked by divorce, death, the fall of Kmart, and the numerous earthquakes in our clients – bankruptcies, reductions in force, market retreats and so on.

In the midst of this suffering, we discovered a path to hope, wholeness, and energy.

Inspired by the challenge of sustaining our business in tough times, guided by mentors with deep knowledge of cultural and personality change and molded by decades of consulting experience, we have found a path to success in these fast changing times. We call it Unrational Leadership™ – the practice of leadership that uses both rational and irrational techniques to achieve your goals. Our leadership development programs include individual coaching, retreats, and customized training programs, which focus on:

  • Understanding the five principles of Unrational Leadership™.
  • Learning how to Leave Comfortopia and to take your organization with you to achieve your goals.
  • Identifying your dominant and sub-dominant personality traits and how they drive your decision-making.
  • Applying intuition to identify future challenges and resolving them before it is too late.
  • Inspiring the next generation of leadership to grow and succeed you at the top.

Unrational Leadership™

  1. Start all problem-solving by taking personal responsibility.
  2. Aim at increasing energy, not just efficiency.
  3. Confront and partner with the unconscious.
  4. Creativity drives change.
  5. Look two generations behind and two generations ahead.