Organizational Development and Team Building

Project Innovations has a proven track record for helping organizations build effective and highly energized teams. In the life cycle of an organization there are multiple intersections where team building is a critical success factor.
Whether it’s the challenges of a new business, transitioning from start up to a more sustainable format, or right sizing an organization, Project Innovations offers experience and guidance to:

  • Determine whether your culture and organizational personality is healthy or sick with our Individual and Organizational Path to Discovery Model (see below).
  • Help you recruit, assess and assign individual talent to their most productive roles.
  • Turn losing teams into winning teams with our Group Development Methodology.
  • Generate the energy needed to accomplish “big hairy audacious goals”.
  • Create an environment of life-long learning.

Our organizational development process will help your organization quickly identify its hidden weaknesses and develop mitigation plans that allow you to get back to growing your business.

Project Innovations’ Individual and Organizational Path to Discovery – IOPD