Public Engagement

Project Innovations is experienced in helping community leaders (business, education, government, and non-profits) come together to develop strategies for a livable future, regardless of economic climate. A successful public engagement effort begins by defining purpose, building a strong team, and establishing sustainable principles to continually identify and address community needs. Our time tested public engagement processes will –

  • Encourage community leaders to share critical information – truthfully and completely – by creating safe settings.
  • Translate technical gobbledygook into English with infographics, videos and question and answer logs.
  • Involve as many people as you would like in defining solutions to community issues.
  • Facilitate the creation of high performing collaborative committees and task forces.
  • Help you steer the process through the choppy waters and fierce storms that often accompany the resolution of complex community issues.

Project Innovation’s proprietary collaboration methods will energize your community and residents to take charge of their future. Click on this link to view a video highlight of a portion of our public engagement work on the Ann Arbor Sanitary Sewer Wet Weather Project.